"A free spirit
Under God's Laws"

Theuns Prinsloo Custom Knives

It's all about the details

If you ask Theuns how he would describe himself, he would tell you that he is a “free spirit... under God’s laws." If you hang out with him for any amount of time you quickly figure out that his faith comes first, followed closely by a love for his wife and family and making beautiful knives.

Before he became a full-time knifemaker, he was a headmaster of a school for students with learning disabilities. He seriously committed to making his first knife after his 16 year old son passed away in 1994. He became a full-time maker in 1996 and is a KGSA guild member.

Theuns never makes the same knife twice. Some knives may use the same materials or have a shape that is somewhat similar, but what separates a Theuns Prinsloo knife is in the details.

I heard that when Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel there were places he painted that would never be seen by human eyes, but Michelangelo painted them anyway because God would see them.

The next time you pick up one of Theuns Prinsloo’s folding knives, open it. Look inside the recess where the blade seats and prepare to be amazed. Theuns painstakingly makes an etching on the inside each of the backspacers that usually depicts an African bushman scene with the backdrop being the mountain that is visible from his backyard. I think Michelangelo would appreciate the extra effort that was taken to make each knife a piece of art.

From Headmaster to Knifemaker

Theuns Prinsloo

A sample of Theuns' Art

No two knives are ever the same

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